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Developmental and Academic Assessment

Prior to starting intervention, we will conduct a series of assessments such as direct observation, one-on-one interaction, parental interview etc. The numbers or types of assessments depend on each individual need. Results from these assessments will provide valuable information and data of your child's level of performance. The ABA Consultant will then use these data to develop goals and objectives that are targeted to address deficit areas. Once this assessment process is completed, we will review the results and develop an Individualized Treatment Plan (ITP) with you. This plan will include all the results, proposed goals and objectives, and recommendations for services. Every 6-month, a re-assessment will be conducted and the ITP will be updated.


Upon completion of an assessment and individualized treatment plan, our team will also develop a home program binder to include individual goals and objectives and their teaching protocols. This binder will also include all other program-related materials such as data sheets, graphs, and progress reports. This binder will be maintained and updated on a regular basis. 

Functional Behavioural Assessment

In order to target a problematic/undesired behavior, we must first understand the function of that specific behavior. Functional behavioural assessment is an assessment that is used to identify the function of a challenging behavior. We believe every behavior, whether it's desired or undesired, is a way of communicating. By identifying the function a behaviour serves, we can develop an intervention plan to reduce the behavior and/or increase more appropriate and adaptive behaviours.

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