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Clinical Psychologists

Dr. James C. Porter, C.PSYCH, BCBA-D


Highlight of Qualification:

  • Board Certified Behavior Analyst® (BCBA®)

  • Ph.D degree in Clinical Psychology

  • Member of the College of Psychologist of Ontario

  • Past-President of The Ontario Association for Behaviour Analysis

Center for Neuropsychology and Emotional Wellness (CNEW)

Partnering with the Center for Neuropsychology and Emotional Wellness


At Glowing Growth Autism Services, we are committed to providing holistic care to children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). To ensure comprehensive support, we proudly collaborate with the Center for Neuropsychology and Emotional Wellness. Our partnership extends beyond traditional boundaries to offer a broad spectrum of services aimed at enhancing the well-being of your child.

Assessment and Diagnosis: The partnership begins with a thorough assessment conducted by the Center for Neuropsychology and Emotional Wellness. They specialize in evaluating cognitive, behavioral, and emotional aspects, enabling precise diagnosis of conditions such as ASD, ADHD, anxiety, and more. This diagnostic foundation is invaluable in tailoring interventions.

Behavioral Interventions: Glowing Growth Autism Services, under the leadership of BCBA professionals, leverages the assessment results to design personalized Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) interventions. These interventions are evidence-based and targeted to address the specific needs and challenges identified during assessment.

Communication and Collaboration: Open and continuous communication between the two organizations is essential. Regular updates on assessment findings and progress in ABA interventions are shared to ensure alignment in supporting the learner's development.

Psychotherapy and Emotional Support: For learners with emotional or behavioral challenges, the Center for Neuropsychology and Emotional Wellness provides psychotherapy. This helps learners develop emotional regulation skills, manage distress, and cope with social and behavioral difficulties.

Holistic Approach: The partnership offers a holistic approach to addressing the learner's needs. It acknowledges that learners with ASD often face a combination of cognitive, behavioral, and emotional challenges. By addressing these aspects comprehensively, the learner's development is supported on multiple fronts.

Our collaboration with the Center for Neuropsychology and Emotional Wellness, featuring a team of clinical psychologists and neuropsychologists, represents our commitment to offering a comprehensive approach to supporting children with autism and their families. By working together, we ensure that every child's unique needs are met, from behavioral interventions to assessments and psychotherapy.

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