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Social Skills Group


Social Skills Group in ABA: Building Strong Connections

Our Social Skills Group program at [Agency Name] is a dynamic and engaging opportunity for individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) to develop essential social and communication skills in a supportive and structured environment.

Key Features of Our Social Skills Group in ABA:

  1. Expert Guidance: Led by experienced and certified ABA therapists, our Social Skills Group offers expert guidance and evidence-based strategies to help individuals with ASD thrive in social interactions.

  2. Small Group Setting: We maintain a small group size to ensure individualized attention and personalized support, fostering a safe and comfortable space for learning.

  3. Structured Curriculum: Our program utilizes a carefully designed curriculum that addresses a wide range of social skills, including communication, sharing, turn-taking, making friends, and problem-solving.

  4. Role Play and Practice: Participants engage in role-play activities and real-life scenarios to practice and reinforce newly acquired social skills, helping them gain confidence in social situations.

  5. Positive Reinforcement: We employ positive reinforcement techniques to motivate and reward participants for using appropriate social behaviors, encouraging ongoing progress.

  6. Peer Interaction: Our Social Skills Group provides a valuable opportunity for individuals with ASD to interact with peers who may share similar challenges, fostering a sense of belonging and camaraderie.

  7. Goal-Oriented: Each participant's progress is tracked and monitored, with individualized goals established to ensure measurable growth in social skills and communication.

  8. Parent/Caregiver Involvement: We actively involve parents and caregivers in the process, providing tools and strategies to support the development of social skills at home and in the community.

  9. Real-World Application: Our goal is to equip participants with practical skills that can be applied in various social settings, including school, home, and community activities.

  10. Fun and Inclusive: We prioritize creating a fun and inclusive atmosphere where learning feels like play. Activities are designed to be enjoyable while still targeting specific social skills.

At Glowing Growth, we believe that every individual with ASD has the potential to build meaningful connections and thrive socially. Our Social Skills Group in ABA is designed to equip participants with the skills, confidence, and strategies they need to succeed in social interactions, fostering friendships and enhancing their overall quality of life. Join us on this journey of social growth and empowerment.

Currently, we have the following groups available to meet the needs of different learners: 

1. Boyz Club 

Age: 12-17 
Date and Time: Thursdays 4-6pm 

Teacher:Student Ratio: 1:4

2. Friendship Explorers

Age: 8-11
Date and Time: Fridays 4-6pm

Teacher:Student Ratio: 1:2

3. Social Navigators

Age: 5-7
Date and Time: Saturdays 10am to 1pm 

Teacher:Student Ratio: 1:2

4. Social Stars 

Age: Vary
Date and Time: Saturdays 130pm-430pm 

Teacher:Student Ratio: 1:1 or 2:3


For more information about our Social Skills Group, please email us at

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