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Parents Training Workshop:
A Guide to Meaningful Communication and Play

Parents’ involvement in a child’s learning significantly impacts a child’s success. Research in Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) has shown that parents can use ABA-Based intervention techniques at home very effectively in support their children with ASD.

Highlights of the Workshop: 

- Small group sessions 

- Leads by 2 Board Certified Behaviour Analysts

- ABA-Based Intervention 

- Focuses on Communication and Play Skills 

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Our Parents Training Workshop: Communication and Play Skills aims to empower the parents with children with ASD to:

  • Improve social communication and meaningful interactions

  • Improve play skills


The parents will learn about:

  • The basic knowledge and application of Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA)

  • How to establish motivation for your child to communicate

  • How to encourage and engage in interactive play with your child

Where: Glowing Growth Autism Services Center – Unit 101 – 6007 16th Ave E, Markham


When: Email us to get more information about workshop start day


Registration: To register, please fill out the application form and submit to


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